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Refocusing Texihabara

Originally, Texihabara was created with the intent of celebrating all things Japanese pop culture!  And it still has that focus!  But there was also another thought, and that was to create a community of folks who like Japanese pop culture. We’ve been thinking about it, and we think that’s going


Site News – We’ve Been Isogashii Bees!

Welcome to Texihabara!  We’ve been hard at work adding features and content to make this site even better! Read more for more information!


Upcoming Texas Events for September

There are several events for the month of September, some for all ages (and we do mean *some* for all ages). Read more to find out what’s going on!


YEEHAW – or in Japanese: YEEHAW NASAI

Ohayou!  Konnichiwa!  Konbanwa! Oyasuminasai! This is a new site to celebrate all things Japanese, with a Texan flair!  You know how they say everything’s bigger in Texas?  Well, that includes Japanese stuff!  We’ll have big food reviews!  Big music reviews!  Big anime reviews!  Big manga reviews!  And maybe we’ll even