we love japan

even though we’re texan


We think Japan has so much to offer!  They have delicious food, wonderful people, and so much fun stuff to do and see!  We want to bring it to Texas!

We’ll review manga, anime, and music, we’ll discuss Japanese pop and kawaii culture, we’ll talk about food and maybe history.

While we understand that Japan is, like every country, flawed, we think there are plenty of other places to discuss that.  Today, let’s celebrate them!

(We don’t JUST want to talk about stuff otaku like, but it seems as good a place to start as any others)




maid in japan


Akihabara is known for its many fun and interesting things to do.

There are arcade machines, maid cafes, fun stores and eateries, and many fun things to do.  People the world over go to Akihabara to experience Japanese otaku culture.  There are several other similar hotspots around Tokyo, such as Shinjuku, Harajuku, and Shibuya, but Akihabara is far and away the most famous.


about the author
american by birth, japanese at heart

The author of this blog prefers not to be named at this time, though that may change in the future.  He is a middle-aged dude who, while having a fairly well grounded understanding of Japanese culture and its problems (for an American, anyway, who can really understand if they’re not Japanese?), still has a soft spot for the Japanese and their customs and culture.

While he has other sites where he discusses the shortcomings of Japanese culture in far too great of detail, he decided he wanted to create a blog where Japanese culture is celebrated.  And what better way than through the culture that the rest of the world sees and loves?

The author of this blog loves the Japanese people and wants them to succeed as a country and people, and one of the best ways to help with that is to foster cultural understanding through media, food, and other similar things.


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