This is a site that celebrates Japanese culture!  Specifically, the culture they export to our waiting, greedy little hands.

Our focus is:

We aim to be the one stop shop for all things Japanese!!!

Here’s the rub, though:

There’s little we can actually add to the conversation when it comes to actual facts.  There are quite a few fandom sites for every concievable fandom, to the point of almost being obsessive.  No detail is left unturned, nothing is left to chance, if you want to find out what your favorite idol had for breakfast ten years ago, there is a chance you can actually find out!  We’re not knocking this, whatever floats yer boat, we say.  Buuuuuut that makes doing something actually unique in this space challenging.  What can be done that hasn’t already been covered?

Well, two things, we can do.  Thing number one:  opinion.  We can review things.  We actually think reviewing is fun and interesting, even though some songs are hard to slog through!  And thing number two:  we can gather as many different links and fandoms as possible under one place, as a kind of meta-reference.

So that’s what this site is for. We’ll review things.  And we’ll point at things.  And we’ll leave the obsession to others.

Maybe as we think of other cool stuff to do, we’ll add it, and we’re sure the scope will change as we grow.  But that’s what we’re doing right now.

What this site is not

This site is not a political site.  We will take no stance on any political matter, no matter how much it is being pushed in the news, Twitter, the net, or any other medium.  Insert any hot-button event, slogan or social justice issue, and we will not be taking a stand on it in any way, Japanese or American.  This site is intended to be positive, and will remain so.  While we are interested in justice and equality for all, we do not consider this to be a suitable place to express opinions on what that entails.  While a comprehensive commenting policy is not yet written (or, frankly, needed at the moment), that ethos will also extend to the comments.  Please keep political stuff out.  We’re here for fun.

That being said, the author of this site does have his own political biases.  While he will be doing his best to not allow them to show, they might inadvertently.  Please remember that, at the end of the day, this site is at its core an opinion site, and all content should be treated as such.  You may feel free to bring any such things to his attention, and he will or will not modify posts and pages at his sole discretion.


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