One thing I’ve always loved about JPop is how creative it tends to be – unafraid to try new things and experiment.  With nearly every JPop group I’m familiar with, they have never “nickelbacked” it – every song is a different creation.  Some groups, such as Babymetal, take this to rather

Going through Morning Musume’s early discography, I’m starting to notice patterns.  They had a very distinct style, they found it early, and I’m not entirely sure they ever really lost it.  I see their influences on AKB48 pretty strongly, except AKB48 kind of feels a bit like they’re doing it

“Summer Night Town” is Morning Musume’s third single, and it looks like this is where they start to figure out what their identity is as a group.  The video is stylistically very different from the first two – I mentioned that they were very stiff, but in this video, they