I just hate this legal stuff, don’t you?  But we need to do it.


A formal privacy policy will be coming at some point, when it’s needed.  Let’s just start with this: we’re not particularly interested in using or selling your data in ways that you wouldn’t expect us to use or sell your data.  We’ll “keep it in the family”, as it were.  We’re just here for fun.  If you subscribe to this site you may provide data such as your email address – that gives us permission to use it for site-related stuff, like sending notifications of replies, etc.  We won’t spam you, and we won’t sell your data for others to spam you.

Now if in the future we start providing ads or other things that require more detailed data, well, keep an eye on this page for changes, because if it does change, then it’s your responsibility to keep up on that kind of thing and decide whether to keep using this site based upon that.

This site is hosted in the USA, is primarily for a USA audience (though of course others are welcome!), is maintained in the USA by citizens of the USA, and therefore is not subject to the GDPR or any other similar rule outside of the jurisdiction of the courts of the USA.

That wasn’t so bad.  It also wasn’t created by a lawyer, so expect that this will change at some point in the future.

attribution/fair use

The nature of this site is that all actual content is embedded from other services.  We are not actually hosting to this information, and are simply linking to it.  If you have issues with the fact that your content is embedded, please take it up with the hosting service. It will be removed from our service at the same time it’s removed from the hosting service.

All photos and pictures used are either in the public domain (this is the vast majority of pictures) or are used under the auspices of fair use.  Fair use is a much misunderstood doctrine that gives folks like me limited permission to use pictures or other media without permission for the purpose of criticism, transformative uses, etc.  I won’t bother with the disclaimer as that’s overdone, but all media used that is not under the public domain is copyright its respective owner, is either used with permission or believed to be a valid use under fair use, and there is no ownership either claimed or implied. 

Mascot commissioned from Akira Luca ( and is licensed to the author of this site exclusively for full commercial use.  Do not use without permission.


All opinions expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author.  Even statements represented as fact are only based upon the best knowledge available to the author, and may be incorrect.  Do not rely on anything you read here.  This is an entertainment site and is only ever intended as such.  The author is an honest guy so any incorrect data is by accident, but it could still happen.


Do not taunt happy fun ball.

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