Originally, Texihabara was created with the intent of celebrating all things Japanese pop culture!  And it still has that focus!  But there was also another thought, and that was to create a community of folks who like Japanese pop culture.

We’ve been thinking about it, and we think that’s going to fail, at least for the short term.  That means writing about stuff that doesn’t interest us, and frankly, this site is too small to be concerned with that.  So we’re refocusing away from that idea.

Don’t get us wrong – if you want to comment on something, feel free!  We like comments!  We like interacting!  But a community is not the right focus for us, at least not right now.  We think writing a site that we like is much more useful than writing a site that everyone else likes.

We’ve removed the “news” feature for now.  The reason for that is that we really aren’t interested in pop culture news, so we won’t be keeping up with it enough to make it a viable feature.  The original thought was that it would help to kickstart a community, but that’s not happening, so there’s really no point.  We’ll replace it with another, more interesting, feature in the near future.  We have a couple of ideas in mind.  We will keep the “resources”, because we want to be helpful, but all in all, this is a site for us to put our opinions, and that’s what we’re going to focus on in the future.  At least for the near future.

If you like it, come along.  If not, oh well.

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