Eventually we’ll make this all fancy with loads of fancy fanciness, but we’ve decided to not let perfect be the enemy of good.  So this will be a compendium of links.  Some useful, some maybe less useful, some fun, some…  linking the linky link, I guess.  Once it becomes less manageable, we’ll add in fun blog magic.

There are many sites that could fit here, so please put your (RELEVANT) suggestion in the comments below – I’ll delete male enhancement sites, seriously.  But I’ll move any good suggestions up into the main resources section.

If you don’t see your favorite fandom listed here, don’t worry.  I have hundreds and hundreds of songs and manga and anime to get through.  As I add new groups, find new resources, etc., I’ll be adding them here.  Band Maid, Maximum the Hormone, Karen Girls, Momoiro Clover Z, Onyanko Club are just a few that come to mind that I’ll be getting to eventually.

learning japanese

On its own page.

fandom sites

Jpop wiki

A wiki about all things JPop.  Probably includes some data from other, more specialized sites.

akb48 wiki

This site is for all things AKB48.  No, really.  ALL things AKB48.  These kinds of sites are the primary reason why we’re not trying to put a whole lot of actual facts on this site.  It doesn’t do any good.  Everyone else already did it, and far, far more obsessively than we could even conceive.  Wanna know something about AKB48?  Go here. (of course, it’s fan driven, so don’t necessarily trust it.)


Remember how I said the AKB48 wiki was obsessive?  Ummm…  I think I’m gonna be pulling some news from there, tbh.

project hello

Wanna know what they’re all singing about in Morning Musume?  Here ya go.

hello project wiki

Feeling left out because AKB48 has all the good fans?  Don’t.  This is like the AKB48 wiki, for Morning Musume.  Everything you could possibly want to know, and more besides. (Again, fan driven, be careful).

babymetal wiki

Hey, the One!  Don’t feel left out, either!  You guys got some good fans too!  And here’s where they dump all their data!

Babymetal Newswire

Why have one Babymetal fan site when you can have two?

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