Wanna learn Japanese? 

Here are some resources that will help you do it.  Learning Japanese is the difference between a weeb and a serious Japanese scholar.  Well, not really, but it can’t hurt, right?  And it’ll stop you from being embarrassed or punched in the face by using the wrong word for “you” (there are at least six, and they’re all rude in some contexts)

Before you follow these links, a word of caution:  many sites are offering to make you fluent.  They might help you in that endeavour.  But there will be no substitute for just putting in the time and effort.  There are no silver bullets in language learning.


This site will help you learn Japanese.  No, really, it’ll help you learn Japanese.  It won’t teach you grammar, but it will teach you all the kanji, and a bunch of vocabulary to boot.  This author has a lifetime subscription.  Got to level 9, then got lazy and had to reset.  But hey, it works.


This is a companion to wanikani.  It will teach you the vocabulary that wanikani won’t, because wanikani is primarily a kanji learning site, not a vocabulary learning site.  Nonetheless, it uses similar teaching methods as wanikani.

japanese level up (jalup)

This is an anki-style site whose goal is to eventually get you to reading the definitions of words in Japanese.  It’s a bit pricey last I checked, but it’s pretty cool.

Kanji Origins

I just discovered this one, and it looks really useful.

kanji damage

As they describe it, “where you can learn 1,700 kanji using Yo Mama jokes”

Genetic Kanji

This looks like a useful way to learn kanji.



The definitive Japanese dictionary.  If you use one Japanese site, this should be it.


Another useful Japanese dictionary

rosetta stone

DO NOT USE ROSETTA STONE TO TRY TO LEARN JAPANESE.  We’re serious.  Don’t do it.  It’s not suited to it at all, and you’ll just end up frustrated.  Nonetheless, link added for completion.  On the plus side, I guess you’ll never forget the word for “little boy”…

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