Welcome to Texihabara!  This is a very small site right now, with big dreams.  We’re not entirely sure yet what those dreams will turn out to be, but we’ve got ’em, and dadgum it, we’re gonna live ’em!  Yume ippai!

So here’s some site news. 

Emi Su

I’ve been hard at work polishing up the site that no one views.  I even ponied up some actual money to get an honest to gosh anime mascot!  (Thanks Akira Luca!). You like her?  She’s cute.  I’m going to call her Emi Su.  She is going to be the face of Texihabara from now on. 

I am pleased because Akira was able to take a chicken scratch glorified stick figure of what I wanted and turn it into that, so good job!  You can find a link to his etsy store on the “Legal” page.  She’s supposed to be an anime girl with a Texas flair, and I think she turned out really great!  Nothing like a cowgirl who likes sushi, amirite?

Other News

Also, I’ve been slowly adding JPop content – very slowly.  This unfortunately has led to exposing a deficiency in the post list widget I’m using – it doesn’t do pagination.  So some posts are not really accessible until that’s fixed.  Therefore, I have a fix request into the widget developer to maybe fix that at some point.  Until then, I guess I have to figure out a workaround or we have to deal.

I may actually remove and replace some of the placeholder content I have here.  I have a few ideas but they’re going to require some development or other WordPress wizardry.  Guess we’ll figure it out.  It’s hard to find good ideas, but I guess sometimes they just grow organically.

Big dreams, but first I have to somehow find a draw to get people to visit.  I haven’t accomplished that yet.  Well, here’s to more hard work.  Ganbarimasu!

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