Babymetal has announced that as of October 10, they are… disappearing, disbanding, sealing, well, they’re going away for an unspecified period of time.

Now, naturally, this news sends shockwaves throughout the world of JPop, JMetal, JKawaiiMetal, and SuMetal and MoaMetal fans all over the world.  But let’s be honest – those girls were some of the hardest working girls in show business, and given the more hostile environment for live concerts due to COVID-19, this is a perfectly understandable decision, even if we don’t understand the reasons for it.

After all, only the Fox God knows, right?

They’ve given us ten years of music, pretty much reshaped metal into their image, found their way into the hearts and Spotify lists of millions of people, and, well, they deserve a break.

We here in Texas wish them well and hope to see what else they come out with at some point in the future – after a well deserved rest.

And someone needs to make sure Moa has all the chicken she can eat.


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