Interested in attending some anime or other pop culture related events in Texas in September?  Here’s some of the highlights.  Note we’re not endorsing any of these, this post is purely informational.


Here’s a gaming convention in the Dallas area!  It does seem as if there are many conventions scheduled over Labor Day Weekend, which makes sense.  This one’s in Denton, a suburb of Dallas, Fort Worth, both, or neither, as the case may be.  Argue it out, I guess.

After looking over their site, details are sparse. It’s not clear what exactly they do there.  But I’m sure if you’re into gaming and that kinda thing, you already know!  It doesn’t look as much an anime convention as a gaming convention, so maybe that will help in choosing (if you haven’t already!)

Location: Denton Convention Center, Denton, TX

Dates: Sep. 2 – Sep. 5, 2021


south texas largest anime convention

We must admit to having been quite confused at first, because the Google listing for this points to a Kobe Steakhouse somewhere near San Antonio.  Don’t get me wrong, we love steakhouses, but it seems an odd place for an anime convention.

But after some research, we discovered that it’s actually going to be held at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, which, quite honestly, seems like a much more suitable location for an anime convention.  So whew!

This author will confess to never having been to an anime convention, and this will not be his first.  However, we’re sure you can expect all of the fun stuff you’ll find at anime conventions!

LocationHenry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX.

Dates:  Sep. 3 – Sep. 5, 2021


hub city comic-con

Well, Lubbock isn’t exactly a place we would have expected to find a comic-con, but here ya go.  Yeehaw, I guess?  Details are a bit sparse on their page, but yes, it’s indeed a comic con.  Looks like it’s taking place at the same time as the one above, so you get to choose, yay you!  Just be warned, if you cosplay as a cowboy, they might put you to work.

Location: Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, Lubbock, TX

Dates: Sep. 3 – Sep. 5, 2021


Ecchi Expo

Well, the name should say all you need to know (“ecchi” is a transliteration of “H” in Japanese phonetics, and basically it means hentai, or lewd).  Needless to say, but I’m saying it anyway, this is an adult-oriented expo in Austin.

If you’re going to have an adult oriented expo, Austin’s a pretty good place for that, we’d think.

And, looking over their site, yeah.  Adult oriented is probably an understatement.  Don’t bring the kids, and probably don’t even let them click.  But, if you’re into that kinda thing, yeah.  Here ya go.  Have fun and bring a towel.

Location: Radisson Hotel, Austin

Dates: Sep. 24 – Sep. 26, 2021


Those look like the big events.  If there’s another you’d like me to add, under the assumption that people actually read this, then let me know and I’ll add them.  There are a bunch of smaller events for this month that I won’t add, you can find a more complete list here.

Personally, we’ll probably hold out until November, there’s an anime convention pretty much where the author lives, so maybe that will be the first.  But have fun!

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