Ohayou!  Konnichiwa!  Konbanwa! Oyasuminasai!

This is a new site to celebrate all things Japanese, with a Texan flair!  You know how they say everything’s bigger in Texas?  Well, that includes Japanese stuff!  We’ll have big food reviews!  Big music reviews!  Big anime reviews!  Big manga reviews! 

And maybe we’ll even talk about a few Texan things on the way, because we Texans can be kawaii too!  Well, not this one, probably, but some of us!

Let’s get one thing out of the way, though, I think this is important.  If you’re a “weeb” or an “otaku”, then let your “weeb” or “otaku” flag fly!  I want you to share what you love about Japanese culture, etc., and I’ll be trying to make that as easy as possible.  In fact, I’ll be talking a lot about otaku culture, and I’m deliberately catering to y’all.  But this site is not, itself, “weeb” or “otaku”.  What I mean is, while we love the Japanese and their culture, we’re realistic about it.  Sometimes it’s okay to be a Texan.  Or an American.  This site celebrates it all!

Also, I speak some Japanese.  I might intersperse a mini-lesson amongst all the kawaiiness (is that a word?).

While I’m at it, I should make clear:  I’m staying away from all political stuff on this site.  We’ll keep that elsewhere.  Let’s have fun, not go at each others’ throats like the characters from a cheap manga!

Git along, lil kawaii dogies!  We’ll have fun!  I hope.  I’m just starting with what I’ve got here as a framework, and will add to it as the needed direction becomes clear.

Stay kawaii!

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